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How to Choose the Best Car Speakers for Your Car that turn up your Mood

Music is one thing that can bring life to a boring silent drive. Moreover, music can make your everyday drive to work less stressful by uplifting your mind and spirit. So when it comes to getting car speakers, you should settle for nothing but the best. 

But the market is filled with numerous types of speakers, each with different features, shapes, sizes, types; how do you select the best one? Seems a bit of a task, right? Don’t worry. This guide is to the rescue. 

We have carefully formatted the guide, keeping in mind the necessary things you should consider while getting car speakers. These factors are shortlisted based on budget, sound quality, and build quality. So keep reading the guide to find out what these categories are- 

Coaxial speakers Vs. Component Speakers 

Car coaxial speakers are a cheaper alternative and a direct replacement for the car’s OEM units. You can easily find coaxial speakers in the market, which are easy to install as well. 

Car component speakers, on the other hand, are a bit expensive but provide top-notch sound quality. 

If budget is not a restraint for you and you are looking for uncompromising sound quality, you might want to opt for component speakers. 

But if your budget is a bit tight and you have less experience in sound system installation, car coaxial speakers will work for you. Coaxial speakers are great for DIY installation. 


Speaker configuration 

The next essential thing to keep in mind while getting new car speakers is the frequency. Are you looking for the same configuration as your old speakers? If yes, show them to the shop owners and ask for similar models. 

When it comes to sound quality, you should look for something with a wider range. The wider the range will be, the better sound quality it will provide. 


Speaker sensitivity 

Speaker sensitivity is the power the speakers need to put out a volume level. Car speakers with high power sensitivity need less power and vice versa. If you have a low-powered factory stereo, around 10 to 15 watts RMS per channel, speakers with high sensitivity ratings, over 90db would be suitable. 

If you have got an external amplifier or aftermarket stereo, speakers with lower sensitivity ratings will do the job for you. 


Car speaker power handling 

Power handling, as you can tell by the name, is how much power (in watts) a speaker can handle. Speakers should be able to handle the load of an external amplifier or head unit without distortions. This is measured in the root-mean-square (RMS) value. 

So while buying a speaker, you should pay more attention to the RMS power handling more than the peak power handling. Peak power value is the maximum power a speaker can deliver in short bursts. 


Speaker build quality 

If you're planning to buy a low-priced car speaker just to save a few bucks, think again. These low-priced models would have a low build quality and won’t last long. Therefore it’s better to focus on the build quality, even if that requires you to spend a few bucks extra. Here are a few necessary things to look for in the build quality- 

  • You should look for lightweight, stiff car subwoofers materials like polypropylene mixed with mica or metal-coated synthetic fabric. This combination gives a great bass response and lasts a long time as well. 
  • Rubber outline is more durable than cloth or foam. 
  • People consider tweeter materials like ceramic, silk, polypropylene, and metal are most preferred due to their aesthetic finish. 

An average budget for a good quality speaker 

The budget depends on two central factors- first, the quality you are looking for, second, for how long you intend to use the speaker and your car as well. 

If you want an upgrade from the factory-level sound and are intending to use the sound system for a while, you should go for premium quality. You can see traces of good quality products in the design, build quality, material, and most importantly, in the sound quality. 


Summing up 

Finding good quality car speakers can be daunting considering the number of options available in the market. Hence, before deciding on a product, make sure you do background research along with putting enough emphasis on the factors that we have just mentioned. Hopefully, you are now ready to get new speakers for your beast!